My Maserati’s – Part 1

2000 – 2002  Maserati 3200
(Automatic, Blue Nettuno and Tan Leather)

In 1999 I was invited by auto journalist Ferdia O’Dowd to Charles Hurst Belfast for a test day with the new Ferrari 360 and the newer Maserati 3200 – my first time driving either mark.  Now 10 years later and 4 Maseratis on, the memory still gives me goosebumps!  I remember remarking on the trip back to Dublin that if I ever had the money I would without question buy the Maserati. It had everything that only a Maserati dreamer can understand – the awe of meeting your favorite hero for the first time, that smell of leather, the sporting comfort, the low shiver inducing gurgle of that Maserati engine and of course the distinctive, unique and lovely ‘boomerang’ tail lights.
A year later in June 2000 Charles Hurst delivered my first Maserati on the back of a truck. The night before I slept oh maybe 1 hour, the night after delivery, not at all!  As a kid an Alistair McClean character I remember had a Maserati – the first time I had ever heard of one. To start it the hero never turned the key but ‘gunned the engine’ – I suspect McClean must have owned one to have been able to pen that phrase and for me no other better describes the moment when that engine coughs to life.. As my kids would say ‘yum!’
Richard O’Donnell – Aug.2010
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